Make your surroundings as pleasing and inspiring as possible with the right bathroom finishes. Bathrooms get a bad rap. They are often thought of as the small, smelly place in your home that is best avoided until absolutely necessary. However, you can change that reputation. Since you have to be in there anyway, you might as well make your bathroom the relaxing, welcoming place it was always meant to be by choosing beautiful finishes for your toilet, tile, countertops and vanity.


  • Faucets
  • There is an astonishing array of faucet styles and finishes to choose from. You can keep it simple or look for special features such as interactivity or water conservation. Before making a decision, you need to know where your current faucet openings are and, if they don’t match your new choice be prepared to purchase a whole new sink or tub.

  • Shower heads
  • What’s better than a hot, soothing shower to help you unwind? Or perhaps a strong, invigorating shower to wake you up and get you ready to face whatever the day has in store. You can choose the right size or kind of spray you want. The type of showerhead you choose should reflect your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Toilet
  • The importance of cabinetry is not just for the kitchen anymore. Choices for bathroom cabinets usually come in four categories: custom, semi-custom, stock and ready-to-assemble. You can get them framed, frameless or freestanding. They come with a wide range of drawer styles and decorative elements. Wood choices may come in plywood, particleboard, and fiberboard materials as well as laminate. Some of the finishes available include stained, glazed, antiqued and distressed.

  • Sinks
  • The most common materials are vitreous china and enameled cast iron. Others that are gaining in popularity include glass, enameled steel, stone and acrylic. You can also choose bronze and copper options.

  • Choose the right contracting company to help you
  • If you don’t have the skills or don’t have time to do it right, you should leave it to the experts, like Cas Contractors. From basic home improvements to full renovations, we can help you create the bathroom and home of your dreams.

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