Automatic taps contribute to a more sustainable environment in two main ways:

  • Water Conservation
  • Most households and medium-large offices needs on average 450 to 600 litres weekly in order to maintain good hygienic standards environment and a portion of it can significantly be from 35% to 50% by placing sensor taps in the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Hygiene
  • With touch free taps, one does not have to get dirty again reusing the same lever or handle and there will not be cross-contamination between users through the tap. Despite that, some suppliers have disposable spouts for sensor taps, designed for healthcare environments that aim at ensuring hygiene. Furthermore, single supply automatic taps can also pour cold or premixed water, so nobody will be scalded, which is essential for people with any degree of insensitivity.

    Cold Sensor Tap

    Hot Cold Mixer Sensor Tap