Executive Summary

Traversal Trading Pvt Ltd is a sister company to C.A.S contractors and have been profitably operating in construction, civil engeneering ie plumbing, paving, building, refurbishments, shop-fitting, painting, tiling and automatic sanitary ware. Civil Engeneering includes sewer reticulation, storm water drainage, roads formation, water reticulation and head walls & culverts.

It is our company objective to create a nationwide presence of standard, legit and affordable services. We envisage achieving this market wide presence through employing innovative service channels targeting all markets and areas.

It is our considered view that a mass market strategy coupled with our fully automated production lines and low overheads can achieve and sustain a highly competetive pricing business model.

We are state of art technological based company, therefore we have invested in cutting edge equipment. Astrong account system has gone a long way in assisting us towards prudent and efficient financial management.

Why it is better working with Traversal Trading Pvt Ltd

At Traversal Trading we are available for emergency repairs and will work with your schedule. We vow to always offer you the most efficient repair or replacement option for your home or commercial property. We want to ensure that your plumbing is always in the best possible condition. Our plumbers are well trained, highly knowledgeable, and have years of experience with plumbing repair. We will work with you to make sure that your repairs are made when you need them, regardless of the day or time. We offer emergency repairs, as well as standard repairs, replacements, and preventative maintenance.

We pride ourselves on understanding the unique plumbing needs that come with living in this area. We are committed to providing only the highest quality plumbing repairs, and vow to provide exceptional customer service. We believe in keeping this promise to each and every customer and that’s why we guarantee our work.

100% customer satisfaction on emergencies

Liscenced and experienced technicians